Saturday, January 21, 2012

You can keep your "real world"

Moving is not a good time.

Okay, let me correct that, steps 1 and 3-5 of moving are not a good time.

Step 1: Find an apartment. Done... and thank the lord I'm done.

Step 2: Find THE apartment. Done... and YES. This was the fun part. We found the apartment and I immediately started visualizing the way it would be when we lived there.

Step 3: Pay for the apartment. Sheesh... welcome to the real world.

Step 4: Pack for the move. Wait... when did I get this much stuff? And I have to transport it all? Where am I going to put it? THEN I have to carry it up to the apartment? And what do you mean I don't have half the stuff I need? What????

Step 5: Transport it. Ugh... I need to start working out. Can't it just magically teleport into my new room?

Step 6: Organize it. Yessss. I love organizing. It's a weird trait, maybe, but I have so much fun putting everything away and finding a way to make it all fit into a space, no matter what size. In senior year of college I had the smallest room in the house, but somehow fit everything I could possibly need with space to spare. I love it.

I'm still only on step 4 and am not looking forward to finishing it or step 5 at all. Why did I choose to move in the winter again? Someone fast forward time until Step 6, please.

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