Monday, January 16, 2012

I did it!

Wellp, it's happened. After about 2 months of searching and saving, I've finally signed a lease!!!

I've hit step 1 in being a grownup and it was a lot less scary than I thought it would be. Well, for now. I'm sure when February 1st starts getting closer I'll start freaking out, but for now I'm just excited.

It really hammers home the cliche that you have to face your fears. I did it. I looked the one thing that has been stressing me out in the eye and said "Get out of my way. I'm going to be okay." And you know what? I am. I am so okay.

Of course, I'm also considerably more broke financially, but I'm young. I don't need tens of thousands of dollars in the bank to make me happy right now. Maybe one day when I have obligations that amount to more than pay  my rent and feed my cat I'll have a different tone.

Stay tuned for more! I'd continue but I have to wrestle a cat into a carrier for her trip to the vet. She knows it's coming and she's not happy.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! And consolatory pets to the anxious kitty. (As long as I won't lose any fingers, of course;) )