Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soda-Fueled Organization and an ROW80 Update

Woo! Another week down. Another week closer to the impending move-out/in date!

I'm buying a mattress tomorrow. Exciting, stuff, right??

Remember last post how I said I love organizing things? Look what I made myself today:

That looks very small, but only because... well mainly because I'm too lazy to resize it. BUT, it's okay, because that's what explanation is for. That, friends, is a schedule that I make all of the time for work. Instead, I applied it to my writing and gave myself a strict schedule for Arieties (that purple blob at the bottom), Skye's story (The blue), and another untitled novel that is still in planning stages. I don't know if you can read the little words on the side of each row, but I've given myself benchmark points where I can reevaluate myself to make sure I'm on target.

That goes until June. That's actually the first draft, the second draft is more updated, but also more secretive because why would I give away all of my secrets?

I apologize for this rambling post, but I'm hopped up on soda and I can't concentrate. I'm the idiot who didn't even think about drinking a glass of soda an hour before going to sleep. Oh, I forgot to mention that I drank barely any soda until high school, leaving my body completely unable to handle the sugar rush that comes with it. Believe it or not, I'm much better than I used to be. A bottle of soda sent me OFF THE WALL in high school.

(I wrote this post last night so I'm going to include my ROW80 update here. Again, sorry about the rambling, but I am very proud of my spreadsheet so I'm going to leave it.)


I hit my goals. I wrote 3620 words this week total AND made sure to spend 20 minutes a day on plot development. Well, okay I slacked off on Saturday and Sunday, but I spent an hour on Thursday and 40 minutes on Friday working on plot so I think it evens out.

This week's goals:

1. Write 1500 words a day on Skye's story. This is a little ambitious, but I am totally redoing the story, as in creating a new file and starting from scratch with a new direction. It has to be done.

2. Rewrite an alternate first 3 chapters of Arieties. I've narrowed my issues with this story down to this part. I'm going to set this over this week and next week, though, because I want to prioritize Skye this week. Arieties is all next week, though.

3. Work on plot development for 20 minutes per day.

Good luck to everyone else this week!


  1. A Gantt chart! Project Manager's best friend and bane of Engineers everywhere. Just looking at the undersized picture gave me hives; I'm glad you didn't re-size it. ;-P

    Not a bad idea for writing projects, though... if I could get over my innate aversion anyway.

  2. I'm very impressed with your chart, but, to be honest, probably won't adopt it for my own writing goals - a little bit intimidating! But, it is beautiful and you should be proud of it. Congratulations on meeting your ROW80 goals!

  3. Lisa, great work on your goals and your chart is impressive! At this rate I am certain you will be having a better week ahead. Keep your fab positivity-a-flowing -you are doing super! :)

  4. Sounds like a great update! I need to spend some time organizing my life. I love stuff like that. I may have to go play with Excel for a bit. ;-)

  5. @Matt: Haha, I guess this post should have come with a warning! Maybe you should ease yourself into making one. Start with a pie chart, maybe... or just an actual pie... mmm pie

    @Judith + yikici: Thanks!

    @Tia: Excel is almost as good of a procrastination tool as the internet... almost :P