Thursday, September 29, 2011

This post serves no purpose

An actual conversation with my sister via text messaging:

Sister: I forgot to ask, how was your birthday?

Me: Just about the same as last year, except replace drinking loko with slowly dying at work.

Sister: You're almost done!

Me: No. I still have 50 years.

Sister: Noo retirement is 65, you only have 42 left!

Me: That's assuming I can retire at 65

Sister: Why not?

Me: There are many reasons. Social security collapses, identity theft, the zombie apocalypse...

Sister: If there is a zombie apocalypse and you don't quit your job to fight zombies I will be seriously disappointed in you.

Me: Obvi I will fight the zombies, but I still won't be able to retire.

Sister: That's the next best thing!

Me: I suppose so. I'd rather fight zombies than vampires.

Sister: Well duh. Vampires only have two weaknesses. You can kill zombies in a bunch of different ways

Just another day...

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  1. Hahahahahaha! Love it! Sounds like the sort of conversation I'd have with my sister. :D