Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morsel

I'm going to try and start the week off right (hopefully regularly) with a snippet of whatever I'm working on at the time.  I know it'll help me get motivated and I hope you all enjoy it!

From: Arietie
Stage: Editing, phase 1
Chapter: 2 (ish)

“Do you think it knows we’re here?”  Tina’s feet touched the ground and they crawled under the bed.  Evan whined.  

Annette pressed her finger to her lips as she listened to Mrs. Welsh’s footsteps move toward the door.  The lock clicked open and the door creaked.

“Hello, Sarah.”  A smooth, velvety voice floated into the room.  “How are you.”

“Oh, just fine, Donovan.  How are you?  And your sister?”

“Wonderful.  I heard you received some visitors today.  Children.  My daughter was wondering if they’d like to play with her.  You know how shy she is.”

Mrs. Welsh chuckled.  “Yes, well I don’t know where your information came from but it’s just me here.”  She was an expert liar.  Annette felt her anxiety, but the old woman’s voice was steady.  It occurred to Annette that they might not be the first Arieties to use the Welsh home for a safe house.
"Are you sure?"
"I think I would know if there were children running around my house."
"I suppose."  He paused.  Annette could barely feel any emotion from him.  He wasn't angry, more amused than anything.  Like Mrs. Welsh's refusal to admit their existance was only an obstacle in a mind game that he would have to overcome.
“You wouldn’t mind if I used your bathroom, would you?”  Donovan said after a moment.  “We are having plumbing issues.”

Mrs. Welsh paused, indecisive.  Don’t invite him in!  Annette wanted to scream.  If they could just keep him out they would still be safe.  What was Mrs. Welsh waiting for?  Annette wanted to run out there and slam the door herself.  Instead, she heard the door creak open further.

"Of course.  Please come in."  Mrs. Welsh said.

Annette felt her heart stop as the vampire entered the house.

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